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The health and safety of employees and others on EnWater Solutions property are always a critical concern to the Company. EnWater Solutions makes every effort to ensure compliance with relevant federal and state occupational health and safety laws and to develop the best feasible operations, procedures, technologies, and programs conducive to such an environment.

To this end, EnWater Solutions must rely upon employees to ensure work areas are kept safe and free of hazardous conditions.

The responsibilities of all employees of the Company in this regard include:

  • Exercising maximum care and good judgment at all times to prevent accidents and injuries;
  • Reporting to supervisors and seeking first aid for all injuries, regardless of how minor;
  • Reporting unsafe conditions, equipment, or practices to supervisory personnel;
  • Using safety equipment and devices provided by the Company at all times;
  • Observing conscientiously all safety rules and regulations at all times; and
  • Notifying their supervisors before the beginning of the workday of any medication they are taking that may cause drowsiness or other side effects that could lead to injury to them and their co-workers.

EnWater Solutions is committed to providing its employees and customers with a drug and alcohol free workplace. Prospective employees are tested prior to their enrollment with EnWater Solutions. Additionally, all employees are continuously tested for drugs and alcohol on a random basis. EnWater Solutions practices a zero tolerance policy for any and all related offenses.

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